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We’re reaching that critical point where there are absolutely no news about the show, everything that was worth discussing was discussed already, and the kiss… well, I guess that is always worth reblogging. But based on what happened in the past, it’s safe to assume that 80% of the people I follow will start posting paparazzi shots of the actors to fill the void. And 90% of those forget to use tags.

And here’s the thing. Much as I love my tumblr friends, I can’t stand looking at those shots in my dash, I really can’t. It does something weird to my stomach because these actors were photographed without their permission and by having them on my dash, I’m fueling the paparazzi industry that considers this acceptable. And it isn’t. These are real people with real lives and they should not be treated like animals at the zoo for our enjoyment. 

So long story short, I won’t be around here anymore. Not until the show starts and there’s new material to look at - besides creepy pap shots, that is. It was nice meeting you all! I hope I can see you all again when season 7 starts!

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Ever since your wife and daughter were killed, there's a question about that night's events that's been tormenting you, yes?

See, this is why I really disliked Frye from the first episode and I couldn’t believe my eyes when they tried to create a romantic vibe between her and Jane in season 2 after this.

I remember thinking: “even if you believe a departed soul contacted you, you don’t deliver the message to their loved ones like that, you crazy insensitive, cold bitch! It didn’t bring him closure or peace, did it? It just hurt him even more and you knew it because you’re good at reading people, too! No go back and reread all the con artist manuals again, so you can do it right next time.”

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The Mentalist 1x14 / 6x22

Do you remember? Jane…

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